Welcome to Tangible, LLC.

We're a small but energetic company ready to create dynamic and interesting software solutions that allow people to more easily connect with each other. Our goal is to deliver products that integrate the online and offline digital lives by making tangible versions of their otherwise electronic networks.

How we want to change the world

Our flagship product, Christian Missions Connector, is a strong statement about the long-term goals of our organization. We want to show the world how the online world can influence the offline world. Tangible, LLC.'s products aim to make physical mission trips that are happening all over the world visible to others so like minded people can connect and collaberte. Our ultimate goal is to fundamentally transform Christian missions by brining disparate people and trips into a single network that more effectively reaches the world.

What our products can do for you

Find Other People Like Yourself.

People often feel that they are alone in their desire to change the world. We want to connect you with others who want to make a difference. More…

Coordinate Existing Efforts.

People of goodwill often do not coordinate with each other because there is not a central place for them to post information about their efforts. Our site changes that forever. More…

Get Help From Others

As our community grows, we want people to find others who can help them structure their trips more effectively and network with exactly the right people.More…