Jobs at Tangible, LLC.

We may be small, but there's always work to be done. Job postings are placed here when available. Feel free to apply for any job listed here. Make sure to include contact information and a CV or resumé with each application email you send to us.

Web Designer

We are looking for a web designer with at least 2 years of experience. HTML, CSS, PHP, and MYSQL fluency are all a must. Candidates should be ready to work flexible hours and participate in a dynamic and challenging work environment. Apply for this job now.

Graphic Designer

Tangible, LLC. does not currently offer a full time position for graphic designers but will pay for quality free-lance work. If you have interest in working for us, please send us a portfolio and we will get back to you quickly with any opportunities that would suit your skills. We are particularly interested in designers with yearbook design experience. Apply for this job now.